Glee's cory monteith on set Cheap Homecoming Dresses uk photo We know that rachel(Lea michele)And finn(Cory monteith)Were ready to get married in glee season 3, Cheap Prom Dresses episode 14:My way, but after the devestating events of quinn's(Dianna agron)Car crash will they still even want to go through with the wedding. When we found photos of cory monteith and mark salling(Puck)Filming the upcoming glee season 3, Beach Wedding Dresses episode 15:Brother on friday, february 17, the first thing we did was check cory hands.And his left hand ring finger?Totally bare.No wedding ring in sight. Before you totally freak out, take note that cory lack of wedding ring doesn necessarily mean finn and rachel decided not to tie the knot.Cory monteith could simply not be wearing his glee costume at this particular moment.Or he could have knowing the paparazzi were outside taking photos deliberately taken off his ring so as to not give anything away.Glee been known to pull photo tricks in the past to keep things a secret. Still, this new evidence definitely has us worried.Perhaps the shock of quinn's accident really did make finn and rachel cancel their wedding plans!They are still going to Prom Dresses: get married eventually.Right?