Gsa Prom Dresses UK Shop report shows epa warehouse has Cheap Evening Dresses secret 'man caves' At least, workers at a warehouse leased by the environmental protection agency, in landover, md., seem to think so.Epa inspectors found secret rooms at the facility filled with exercise equipment, televisions, refrigerators, microwaves and couches.The caves also boasted photos, pinup pictures, calendars, clothing, books, magazines and videos, according to a report dated may 31.To hide the rooms from security cameras, the employees worked for apex logistics, llc, and not directly for the epa up screens, partitions and boxes in front of them.According to the report, first made public in government executive, the 70, 000 square foot warehouse, which is owned by the general services administration and leased to the epa for about $750, 000 per year, is filled with everything from computers and other electronic equipment to letterhead paper and office furniture.There was also, vermin feces, mold and other problems along with, racks(Shelves)And poorly balanced inventory items that hung over the upper edges of the racks.Additionally, there were potential fire hazards Junior Bridesmaid Dresses from propane stored in trucks and other vehicles, parked inside the building.Epa spokesperson alisha johnson told abc news that as soon as the organization discovered the areas, they immediate action to secure the warehouse and its contents, and issued a stop work order to the contractor.The epa also investigated other warehouses and storage spaces, but did not find other problems.