Cracked overpass repaired this page Cracked overpass repaired Work to wobistal replace a cracked section of bridge decking on the controversy plagued 200 street overpass at highway 1 in langley is anticipated to wrap up wednesday(At present). The provincial ministry of travel said the damage to a six metre slab of concrete was not a safety issue because the structural integrity of the eight year old six lane bridge was not affected. In order to provide more clearance between the bridge and highway while keeping the incline low for vehicles, the 200 street design build project used what is identified as a"Flat plate cast ready design"Instead of the more common system of precast girders that are produced offsite and lowered onto bridge supports by crane. In preference to regular ground fill, ba blacktop applied geofoam, an expanded polystyrene product which looks like large styrofoam blocks, to attenuate ground settlement at the bridge abutment and reduce long term maintenance costs. The company did not respond to a times request for regarding the cause of the cracking or the cost of repairs. Ones $31.5 high dollar project was built as a private public partnership, Where the private companies were given $15 million available as government owned land near the crossing in return Cheap Pandora Charms for building the bridge. Formation started in 1999, but was repeatedly delayed because of clashes between the township of langley and provincial government over conditions that included the layout of the intersection, Pandora Jewelry Canada the number of traffic signals and the land swap.